Country: Russia

Label: 45RPM-Records

Catalog: 45rpm036

Label Series: Foggy Series

Format: Digital EP

Keywords: Dub, Psychedelic Dub

Time: 20 min. 48 sec

Quality: 320 kbps 44 Hz mp3

Size:   49 mb

Release date: 2010-08-01



1. White Tiger (3:14) [7.4MB]

2. Dub-Line (Smoking Mix) (3:02) [7MB]

3. Electric Dreadlocks (3:16) [7.5MB]

4. Dub-Line (Night Mix) (3:04) [7MB]

5. The Smoked Dreadlocks (Foggy Collage) (8:12) [19MB]


Copyright [c] 2010, Released a Creative Commons License For Free Non-Commercial Use As Long As Certain Condition Are met


Personal Copyright:

2010 [c] EugeneKha

2010 [c] Publisher and distributor by 45RPM-Records


Artist Info:


(EugeneKha, Microbit Project/Black Air, Yoko Absorbing, Nameless Dancers, Spacebirds, Black Air)

Poet, - sound - and visual poet, sound artist, musician, producer. Was born in 1969 in Moscow. Has got philological education, the author of numerous literary publications and many books, works in journalism. The publisher and the editor of magazine of literary and art avant-guard "Drugoe Polusharie/Another Hemisphere", audio-magazine of sound poetry and audio art "ARTronic Poetry", the curator of Festival of experimental art "Lapa Azora".

In music is engaged from the middle 1980. In first half 80 was DJ and the dancer in the Moscow Disko-theatre "Columb", since 1987 played different rock groups as the guitarist, the vocalist and the author of songs. In the late nineties seriously was engaged sound poetry and audio-art. Acts with performances, has let out many audio-albums as sound poet, it was published in sound poetry magazines. The participant of many vanguard festivals and live performances.

In 2000 has taken a great interest in electronic music, without adhering to any one direction.


- Evgenij V. Kharitonov - Sound Poetry, Audio Art, Glitch Art, Avant-garde music, Video Art.

- EUGENEKHA (with 2006) - basic project,  which is focused on creation Ambience and Intelligent Chilling music: Ambient, Neo-Symphonic, Dark Ambient, Drone, Drone,  World Music, Melodic Psychedelic, Trip-Hop, Synth-Pop, Chillout, Jazz and sometimes House and Synth-Pop (with Jam and solo).

- MICROBIT PROJECT (with 2008) - Under this name he writes down various experimental and radical music: Industrial, Techno-Punk, Hardcore, Noise, Techno, Acid, Drone, Indie Pop, Low-Bit.

- NAMELESS DANCERS (with 2009) which is focused exclusively on a Lounge, Jazz and Chilling music.

- SPACEBIRDS - Synth-Dance, Spacesynth, Disco, Dance Music.

- BLACK AIR - Ambient Noise, Drone, Atmospheric Dark Sound.



As in cooperation with the musician and artist Mikhail Lezin in 2008 has organised a duet of avant-garde rock-music (concrete, progressive rock, free jazz, Pop Noise, abstract) "YOKO ABSORBING"

Except own musical and literary projects Evgenij V. Kharitonov is the operator of three net-labels - Microbit Records, 45RPM-Records and Another Hemisphere Records


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